• Image of "Armed Christian" Embroidered Patch
  • Image of "Armed Christian" Embroidered Patch
  • Image of "Armed Christian" Embroidered Patch


SIZE : (3.40"W x 2.90"T)

BACKING: Hook Velcro

MATERIAL: 100% Embroidery and whole lot of attitude...with a smile :)

The Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, or whatever we are calling them as the flavor of the week; is marking homes and businesses owned by Christians with an Arabic letter -> ن (pronounced “noon”), the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and the equivalent to the Roman letter N. The ن stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, a pejorative Arabic word for Christians.

I say fuck em', I'm owning this shit, but in a positive way. Since the ن looks like a one-eyed smily face, I figured I go ahead and own that as well. That's what brought about "Armed Christian" as a patch. I started this design before the Paris Attacks, and way before San Bernardino. So after those atrocities, this patch has now almost taken on a life of its own. If you are not content to be a victim, if you carry a firearm daily or at least whenever you can, if you don't believe in the faith of peace and are willing to respond with violence if violence occurs...then I think I made a little something-something here just for you skippy :)

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